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My sessions for Lotusphere 2010

Steve Castledine  November 24 2009 11:53:49 AM
I have two accepted sessions for Lotusphere 2010 (with two rejected - one year "ask me one on Tropical Fish" and "Looking after Spider Plants" will be popular session's) with two of my esteemed colleagues - Niklas Heidloff and Stephan Wissel.

Lotus Notes Discussion Template Next Generation and Other OpenNTF Assets

Come to this session to learn about how developers can benefit from OpenNTF. We will start with an overview and show how you can leverage various assets within your projects. We will then focus on the next generation of the Lotus Notes Discussion template and demonstrate the improved user experience for both web and rich client. In the main part of this session we'll then describe how the application has been built technically, and we'll explain how we've used the JavaViews in the client and walk you through the XPages design and how you can take home the techniques and custom controls to reuse in your applications.  

Enhance your existing applications with XPages

XPages allows you to build great looking, web2.0 style, applications in browsers and Notes Clients alike. This session will show you the tricks and tips on upgrading your existing applications with quick win performance, feature and UI enhancements. From simple design patterns for typical Domino developers to easy OneUI styling and simple upgrade steps, this session will benefit all existing Notes/Domino developers looking for that step up.

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2Sam Henry  4/4/2017 3:02:18 AM GMT -6  My sessions for Lotusphere 2010

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