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CoffeeSpot Theme

Steve Castledine  January 24 2007 09:29:50 AM
At the request of some customers today, I have made available the CoffeeSpot theme for the IBM Lotus Notes Domino blog template for download below.

When I return to the UK in February I will complete the Theme/Skin manager I have built and distribute that as well. That will make changing your blog site designs a whole lot easier for your users.

Image:CoffeeSpot Theme

1Brett van Gelder  1/24/2007 10:59:05 AM GMT -6  CoffeeSpot Theme

Thanks Steve. Looking forward to that theme builder very much!

2Sander Holmes  1/26/2007 6:54:46 AM GMT -6  CoffeeSpot Theme

Great Theme. Is this the actual version of the blog template? Does the template come with any documentation on how to use it? eg What the Tags mean etc..

3Steve Castledine  1/26/2007 8:46:16 PM GMT -6  CoffeeSpot Theme

Yes it is the blog template (7.0.2). Some documentation on lotus support plus release notes.

Full help will come with 8 - in the meantime I do write articles - so the link top right of this site "7.0.2 Domino Blog Template Articles"

4Mike Werner  1/29/2007 1:01:00 PM GMT -6  CoffeeSpot Theme

Hmmm... access protected ??? For M.I.B. only ?

5Steve Castledine  1/29/2007 4:36:50 PM GMT -6  CoffeeSpot Theme

HI Mike

The first version I put up had local encrpytion - in error. I replaced it that same day - so maybe you downloaded then and tried now?

6Pankaj Sharma  1/29/2007 5:48:47 PM GMT -6  CoffeeSpot Theme

I need that theme builder desperately...

Can you help me on how to edit home page for all notes and webmail users by adding links to the blogs on the Intranet.

How do I that ? I am new to Domino but would like to create a complete ecosystem around this blogging concept on my Corporate Intranet.

7Mike Werner  1/30/2007 8:30:11 AM GMT -6  CoffeeSpot Theme

Cheers !

8Bjorn  2/1/2007 7:50:23 AM GMT -6  CoffeeSpot Theme

Hi Steve,

Can you run the blog nsf on localhost?

9Steve Castledine  2/2/2007 12:36:50 PM GMT -6  CoffeeSpot Theme

Pankaj - it will be available soon - keep checking back.

Bjorn - you can but not very effectively. It is designed for server use mainly.

10Pankaj Sharma  2/4/2007 3:20:50 AM GMT -6  CoffeeSpot Theme

Thanks Steve. Any plans for Photo Album ...

warm regards,


11Steve Castledine  2/4/2007 5:17:53 AM GMT -6  CoffeeSpot Theme

The template has basic photo album - but I'm not sure I believe in photo album functionality in the blog - its best dealt with using specialist software designed for that task.

12Pankaj Sharma  2/5/2007 7:48:19 PM GMT -6  CoffeeSpot Theme

How do I use the basic photo album ? Can you guide me on that please.

I have about 20 people in my organization using the blog template. I want to create a opening page where all the links to the blog databases are added automatically (sort of index). How can this be done ?

13Dave Bailey  2/7/2007 7:43:38 PM GMT -6  CoffeeSpot Theme

Steve, Enjoyed your session[s] at Lotusphere and gleaned some great ideas. I'd started using your Blog template in December and am selling the benefits of Social Networking to some internal Business Leaders throughout the year. My regional Notes admins are testing thier blogging skills using different templates so we can decide as a group which is easiest for the users to work with [I bet it will be the one with the shortest rope].

Take care - and I too look forward to the Theme Manager. I just setup Stats today [seperate database] and am wondering if I can point more than one blog at the same stats database - and then parse out with views within stats for each blog... Or is it better to setup a seperate stats database for each blog.

Thanks - Dave

14Brett van Gelder  2/21/2007 3:49:16 PM GMT -6  CoffeeSpot Theme

Steve, are you aware of any copyright requirements on the CoffeeSpot, Regulus or Blix themes? From what I can see Regulus has none, Blix has a GPL associated with it and CoffeeSpot I can find nothing.

15Steve Castledine  2/28/2007 6:57:12 AM GMT -6  re: CoffeeSpot Theme

Hi Brett - sorry I missed this comment. To be honest aside from knowing these template can be used freely for public blogs - I did not check the individual license terms.

16stas  7/5/2007 6:53:11 AM GMT -6  CoffeeSpot Theme

Hello Steve, i'm from Russia and new for blogging and Domino, but i try to understand your technology. Can you say where i can find ready to use themes for blog template and maybe ntf's full of contents to understand how it's work!

17Steve Castledine  7/6/2007 5:41:44 AM GMT -6  re: CoffeeSpot Theme

Check out the link on the right "7.0.2 Domino Blog Template Entries" you will find some themed templates for download there. In addition a theme manager is coming shortly

18stas  7/6/2007 5:51:26 AM GMT -6  CoffeeSpot Theme

Thanks Steve! Where can i read about creating simple web album??? Please write about it :)