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Blogsphere bites the dust

Steve Castledine  January 22 2007 06:49:45 PM
I'm not sure how this happened but I turned around and I was instantly faced by a baying blogsphere crowd at the Lotusphere opening party. Hundreds of bloggers all wanting dominoblog blood.

It wasn't pretty, a few feinted (I think Bruce Elgort), but the arm wrestling championship was won in a tense 3 hour stand off by Dominoblog.

In all seriousness it was great to finally meet Declan in person the other day - he's a great guy. Our session seemed to go ok - its hard to tell as presenter. I remember thinking the seconds before we started "and I volunteered to do this?".

It was a good education for me - probably the biggest presentation of my life. I think we had over 200 people as the room was full and there was some standing at the back. Declan was a superb speaker - I could take a lot of tips from him on his style. Although he should start to get his words right - people left wondering why we kept talking about tree's.

My second session is tomorrow (ID111 Afterblogging. Who's reading your blog and why). This will have about 500 capacity I think (yikes) - I am working on my presentation this evening so hopefully it will go well for myself and Sandra Kogan a colleague at IBM.

Image:Blogsphere bites the dust
(picture by Bruce Elgort)
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