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5 Things you may or may not know about me

Steve Castledine  January 18 2007 04:07:56 AM
I was tagged by colleague Ted Stanton a while ago when I was away - so here is mine - very quickly.

1) I'm 34, married (just), no kids (yet - the wife is keen to start), live in Leicester, United Kingdom - I'm a football nut and support Leicester City.
2) I'm a creative - my brain ticks constantly on thinking of new ways of doing things (not just software). I see myself as being a better innovator and problem solver than a technician. I learn technology to solve problems - not because everyone else thinks that's the thing to learn. I would rather create than read a boring book! (plus I cannot sit still long enough).
3) I used to work in Financial services - Pensions, Investments, banking and all that - I broke into software development via 1-2-3, dBase and MS Access and worked originally for a Microsoft Business Partner
4) I see myself as fairly quiet and a little shy - my friends tell me I am so not
5) As Andrew Pollack - I really Hate hotel room sharing with strangers. I like "me" time when tired.

I may rewrite this and make it more interesting after the sphere!
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