This, that and the other (may contain nuts)


Steve Castledine  June 30 2006 05:20:42 AM GMT -6
Well the two week challenge came off (just). So first thing this morning I sold my house to the property developer in exchange for a new house by the side of the waterway about 4 miles from my current

Creating Rich Text from HTML

Steve Castledine  June 29 2006 07:00:00 PM GMT -6
Usually we use the Domino engine to produce HTML from our rich text content. Sometimes, however, we may wish to create rich text back in our database from a HTML source. One reason we may want to do

So Spain out

Steve Castledine  June 28 2006 04:07:55 AM GMT -6
With Spain being beaten by France my last eight predictions are rocked and I'm down to six of them correct. I should have gone with what I thought prior to the World Cup on Portugal over Holland, but

Elton John

Steve Castledine  June 27 2006 07:01:24 AM GMT -6
Tonight I am going to see Elton John in Nottingham (UK). Now this is not my bag (at all) but I will go with an open mind and Sue is desperate to go (even though her friends have really ribbed her for

Another stumble across the line

Steve Castledine  June 26 2006 03:49:55 AM GMT -6
Well England managed to get through another round of the World Cup, however it was another stumble across the finish line. For some reason there are players out there that are world class stars for t

Possibly looking for hosting

Steve Castledine  June 22 2006 12:14:19 PM GMT -6
I may be moving house soon and because of that I will be relocating my equipment thats hosts this and my website. I may not have fixed ip at my new address therefore any suggestions o

Site Outage - Friday 22nd June

Steve Castledine  June 22 2006 12:04:26 PM GMT -6
This site will be unavailable for most of Friday 22nd June due to rewiring of the data center. Well anyway I am having some remedial work done to my house to fulfill some UK wiring legislations.

Lotus Notes Domino 7.0.2 Article out

Steve Castledine  June 21 2006 09:05:56 AM GMT -6
There is an article on Lotus Notes 7.0.2 on the IBM website read it here. Quote regarding the blog template: The 7.0.2 release also includes a blog template for creating online journals, bulletin

Change the games to 45 minutes only!

Steve Castledine  June 21 2006 02:04:46 AM GMT -6
If we changed the games to 45 minutes only in the world cup then I think England would have a shout at winning it. We seem to forget to play in the second half. Last nights draw against Sweden was a

Race for Life

Steve Castledine  June 20 2006 09:51:03 AM GMT -6
In July (World Cup Final day so she had better not be slow) my better half Sue will be running the "Race for Life" which is a charity run on behalf of Womens Breast Cancer research. Sue has already

Gas Leak!

Steve Castledine  June 20 2006 08:19:28 AM GMT -6
Things are pretty busy and stressful around here right now without the gas issue I had yesterday. We are required to have an electric and gas safety certificate issued because of potentially selling

World Cup

Steve Castledine  June 19 2006 03:04:14 AM GMT -6
With 10 days of the World Cup gone its shaping into an interesting competition. So far England have not left the starting blocks (but won their two games - sometimes winning when not playing well can

Two Week Challenge

Steve Castledine  June 16 2006 04:44:44 AM GMT -6
The not so in the distant future Mrs Castledine wants to move house. Mainly because she wants to have "our" house not the inherited bachelor house - which I understand - but hey money does not grow on


Steve Castledine  June 16 2006 04:04:37 AM GMT -6
Well I am not in Dublin - I am home in Leicester! The one day I needed to fly out of Birmingham airport there was a crash landing (the cargo planes wheel fell off in the air!) and all flights were c

Leaving for Dublin Soon

Steve Castledine  June 15 2006 04:10:06 AM GMT -6
I'm leaving for Dublin soon for the ILUG conference, just finishing some work before I get on the motorway to the airport. I arrive about 3pm then its off to the hotel and then I have to find the Eng

Phew what a long day!

Steve Castledine  June 12 2006 02:28:59 PM GMT -6
Today was the first day of my IBM induction (they group a bunch of people together so takes a while for it to come round). This meant getting up at 5am to do the 130ish mile drive to the training cent

We won, but just and it was boring

Steve Castledine  June 11 2006 06:06:24 AM GMT -6
It was a bit of an anti climax in the end but England beat Paraguay (1-0) in their first game and with Sweden not being able to beat Trinidad and Tobago it gives us a good chance of winning the group

Document has Invalid Structure

Steve Castledine  June 9 2006 06:44:04 AM GMT -6
Was I having kittens yesterday/last night. I have some deadlines to meet and my application suddenly declared "Document has Invalid Structure" when I tried to save a document. I was like "what"? Thi

World Cup starts Today

Steve Castledine  June 9 2006 02:18:53 AM GMT -6
Well it is almost upon us now, Germany and Costa Rica kick off the World cup this evening (5pm GMT) which is the start of 64 games in about a month. With the news that Wayne Rooney seems fit to play

ILUG - Dublin

Steve Castledine  June 8 2006 10:42:49 AM GMT -6
Well I will going to the Irish Lotus User Group next Friday (June 16th). This will be my first conference type event as an IBM'er - well actually it will my first conference type event since - well

IBM Contributes Ajax Software Development Technology to Open Source Community

Steve Castledine  June 6 2006 03:27:38 AM GMT -6
Wow - IBM have contributed to the Dojo Javascript Toolkit: IBM today announced plans to contribute key intellectual assets to the open source community, in an effort to help companies and software d

Proud to be British

Steve Castledine  June 2 2006 04:06:17 AM GMT -6
(especially if a Scot is winning something - otherwise I am English!) - Thanks Adam One of the British national daily newspapers is asking readers "What it means to be British?" Some of the emails a

Cross Platform Copy to Clipboard

Steve Castledine  June 1 2006 02:00:00 AM GMT -6
Copying text to the clipboard should be easy enough but I remember when I looked into it last year it was not as easy as you would think. You can of course use win32 calls etc - but we live in a mul


Steve Castledine  June 1 2006 06:23:00 AM GMT -6
What the ? Something I came across the other day is the concept of "Microformats": Microformats make it easy for you or anyone to share and reuse data in your webpages and content elsewhere -- for