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BBQ Days

Steve Castledine  May 31 2005 01:03:57 PM GMT -6
Well for a change the weather was great over the bank holiday weekend - so a BBQ planned a month previous worked out very well - and without rain! We decided on a Bouncy Castle this year - it we

New Laptop - Sony Vaio FS215B

Steve Castledine  May 26 2005 04:14:17 AM GMT -6
My replacement laptop arrived today - I just spied a cup of tea within 10cm's of it - so just got it moved! I needed a quick replacement and also at a good price as this was not part of my bud

Better Days!

Steve Castledine  May 24 2005 02:36:42 AM GMT -6
Well I have had better days than yesterday! I managed to develop a throat/chest infection sunday together with flu type symptoms - so I was feeling pretty rubbish. This made me very dumb and clum

Speed Cameras

Steve Castledine  May 17 2005 04:27:58 PM GMT -6
Managed to get done by yet another mobile speed camera last week - 36 mph in a 30 zone - a dual carriageway! I even saw the darn thing on the other side of the road and chose not to brake because I

An old chestnut

Steve Castledine  May 10 2005 10:54:16 AM GMT -6
An old chestnut I remembered today when trying to work out a "Notes Error - Entry Not Found in Index" problem from lotusscript. This particular view has its "Generate Unique Keys in Index" prope

Was I supposed to know this Notes "Feature"?

Steve Castledine  May 5 2005 09:36:52 AM GMT -6
Heres a something I ran into today. I have a form - a rich text field on that form - and a field "URL". I have discovered that after saving the document any "hotspot" links which are local (ie