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Nokia N95 8GB

Steve Castledine  April 25 2008 04:04:21 AM GMT -6
This week I upgraded to a Nokia N95 8GB from my trusty Sony Ericsson. First, people would ask why I didn't just get an iPhone? Well many reasons, the first being I didn't need to pay to upgrade to t

Please Help Me Its Lotus Notes

Steve Castledine  April 24 2008 02:04:17 PM GMT -6
So Ed mentioned "Tweetscanning" - a search of the Twitter 'verse. Its actually pretty interesting - well to me, at 8pm, when my mind is burnt from running through some unit tests. Anyway searching fo

    Its all gone a little quiet

    Steve Castledine  April 23 2008 12:23:00 PM GMT -6
    Yes its a little quiet over here. Baby, work and football pretty much drain all of my time and I am finding Twitter an easier way to "blog" - kind off. I have loads of things I would like to blog ab

    Trap door is opening

    Steve Castledine  April 11 2008 04:04:59 AM GMT -6
    Things are not getting any better at the bottom of the Championship: Leicester are now in the bottom 3 with four games to go in the season. Another defeat arguably caused yet again by the referee b

    Dopplr badges on blogs

    Steve Castledine  April 11 2008 03:28:41 AM GMT -6
    Update - Dopplr have now sorted the CSS which caused the issue with IE - so no need for the workaround mentioned below. I've noticed people starting to use Dopplr badges on their blogs. The Dopplr ba

    Twitter, TwitNotes and Notes 8 Standard are just great

    Steve Castledine  April 7 2008 07:46:08 AM GMT -6
    I first used Twitter in the middle of last year and instantly dismissed it (to myself) as "pointless" and like watching paint dry - who needs to know who x eat for dinner? Twitter is a service for fr

    Gmail Custom Time saved my day

    Steve Castledine  April 1 2008 07:17:13 AM GMT -6
    Imagine when I realised I had forgotten to email my wife happy birthday last week. Well I have been saved by Gmail Custom Time. How do I use it? Just click "Set custom time" from the Compose vie

    Career Change

    Steve Castledine  April 1 2008 03:59:39 AM GMT -6
    After many years in the IT profession I have decided to take a "career break" and move into something different. My second love are motorbikes so from today I am the proud owner of my own Suzuki store - just 1 mile from my home