This, that and the other (may contain nuts)


Steve Castledine  April 28 2006 04:28:24 AM GMT -6
I have had my BMW 3 Series rag top for 4 years now and with my driving has done 100 thousand miles. It still drives pretty much as new however it is showing a few signs of age (not to mention the litt

My kind of wedding planning

Steve Castledine  April 27 2006 07:15:23 AM GMT -6
I frequently get asked "Hows the wedding planning going Steve?". My usual answer is "Fine, I guess". I have to admit I have been rubbish when it has come to the whole thing. Sue has pretty much sorte

Two more blogs I have started reading

Steve Castledine  April 21 2006 08:15:00 AM GMT -6
I have added these 2 guys blogs to my blogroll. They are Notes/Domino and Java related and they seem to know some great stuff! Mikkel Heisterberg Ganapathiram Natarajan

Social Networking Becomes Work

Steve Castledine  April 20 2006 12:25:27 PM GMT -6
An interesting article in the Financial Times today regarding Blogs and Wikis at work today. This topic is of course of major interest to me with my dabbling in the blog arena ;) To quote: "Experts

Spanish Take Three

Steve Castledine  April 20 2006 07:55:57 AM GMT -6
Well I have tried before, and I tried before that, but my staying power and making time available to keep it up always failed. So I will now attempt try three of speaking spanish fluently. I begin to


Steve Castledine  April 19 2006 03:21:31 AM GMT -6
Over the past few weeks I've been updating my eclipse version and getting back into using it (with building so many notes designer focused applications over the last year my use of the software had di

Got my tattoo!

Steve Castledine  April 11 2006 07:23:12 AM GMT -6
Yesterday I got my IBM tattoo and blue rinsed hair done, together with my photo id, laptop etc at IBM, Staines. Any IBM'ers out there that want to chat about anything, please feel free to do so as I

IBM Demos

Steve Castledine  April 7 2006 12:44:16 PM GMT -6
This week I found a list of demos of IBM software that I never knew existed so I thought I would share this as I wish I had known about this before. Some key ones are Notes 7 and a tour of the Workpl

A few people I forgot to mention

Steve Castledine  April 7 2006 12:11:45 PM GMT -6
With all the excitement there were a few people I forgot to say thanks to, so I better put that right! I don't know how I forgot but John Vaughan contributed code into Dominoblog early days, and ther

Comment Spam

Steve Castledine  April 3 2006 06:56:21 AM GMT -6
I've noticed recently some really weird comment spam going around the blogosphere. Spam that seems to be inputed manually as some sites have really strong protection techniques like dominoblog and oth

New Beginnings....

Steve Castledine  April 3 2006 03:00:00 PM GMT -6
Well this one has been hard to keep myself, however as of today (Monday) I am now an IBM employee and my self employed consultancy will be no more. To say I am excited would be an understatement, op