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Hitchhikers guide to falling asleep

Steve Castledine  April 30 2005 05:55:17 AM GMT -6
When I was young (I must have been 13-14 at a guess) I stumbled into the HitchHikers guide to the galaxy by Douglas Adams - on BBC Radio Cassette. I loved it and must have listened to it endless ti

Busy Busy Busy

Steve Castledine  April 20 2005 01:54:40 PM GMT -6
Man I'm rushed off my feet! Version 3 of the ProjectDX Live Content Engine (used for Dominoblog) is getting closer to a gold release - latest feature addition is automatic menuing - no coding re

Spam Madness

Steve Castledine  April 14 2005 04:20:26 PM GMT -6
The people who send comment spam to blogs etc really are the pond life of the world! I just checked my rejected log for (I cleared it out 3 weeks ago) - almost 1,800 have been post

Made it - Just!

Steve Castledine  April 12 2005 11:39:50 AM GMT -6
Heres the scene just before the party!

Pushing it (but no stress!)

Steve Castledine  April 12 2005 11:17:18 AM GMT -6
Well this was the scene at midday - 7 hours before guests started to arrive for the party!

Site Downtime

Steve Castledine  April 9 2005 04:17:05 AM GMT -6
This site will be down from 6pm GMT Sat 9th April Until 12pm Sun 10th April due to moving of cables and people sleeping in my server room!

DIY Anyone?

Steve Castledine  April 8 2005 02:39:09 AM GMT -6
Well we have a party at our house saturday - a good 50 people coming - this is the state of the house thursday night! I think its going to be a bring a paintbrush party! I shall post update pictu