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Setting Template Build Version and Build Name

Steve Castledine  March 13 2009 09:17:01 AM GMT -6
Ever wondered how to set/control the template version and build name that appears on a nsf/ntf? Well this information is available read/write, and you need to add a shared field "$TemplateBuild" in

XPage Wiki - Iteration 2 available

Steve Castledine  March 12 2009 10:22:32 AM GMT -6
I have uploaded iteration 2 of the XPages wiki on openNTF. Release information is in the help document within the zip file. There are only bug fixes from the first release and the addition of comment

XPages - Getting the count from a repeat control outside of the repeat control

Steve Castledine  March 11 2009 05:58:10 AM GMT -6
A common pattern of design in a domino application and really any web application is to have a list of data, say comments, and have a "counter" display how many are in the list. So in the image below

Designer 8.5 Productivity Tip

Steve Castledine  March 11 2009 05:20:42 AM GMT -6
Something I should have done a long time ago but for some reason I didn't, is to structure "designer" the best way for me (which is now possible since it is based from Eclipse). A few days ago I final

Update on life, the universe and openNTF

Steve Castledine  March 9 2009 11:21:21 AM GMT -6
So as per usual been rushed off my feet, however things are moving onwards and upwards. OpenNTF governance/framework is making progress, anything legal is always slow and time intensive, however for

Using standard java packages in your XPage code

Steve Castledine  March 6 2009 06:53:07 AM GMT -6
One thing that makes XPages very powerful is the fact that you can use standard java packages/classes directly in your XPage "javascript". Take for example something I needed to do recently to the to