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Blog Server Fixed - Notes Communication speeds still a little strange

Steve Castledine  March 31 2008 09:06:28 AM GMT -6
Been having network and server issues here at home office of late so this site has not been available or its been taking a day to load each page. RSS feeds gave up the ghost about a month a go - it se

Football is a depressant!

Steve Castledine  March 25 2008 09:52:22 AM GMT -6
Every season is a new hope, however every season for a long time now Leicester City have slowly got worse and worse as a team. Even though this season we must have spent more money than anyone in the

    Blink and you would have missed the snow

    Steve Castledine  March 24 2008 06:34:26 AM GMT -6
    The only snow of the winter so far and it melted within an hour of waking up on Sunday: Millie did not care:

      Happy St Patrick’s Day from Millie

      Steve Castledine  March 17 2008 09:52:55 AM GMT -6
      A bottle of the house white please...