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Goodbye Norton

Steve Castledine  March 31 2006 04:16:00 AM GMT -6
Well I have finally got rid of Norton Antivirus / firewall products from my laptop / pc's etc.In my experience of the last year what an awful bit of software that is as bad as windows for over time tu

Busy Busy

Steve Castledine  March 14 2006 11:39:29 AM GMT -6
Time doesn't seem to exist right now! Heres some special rice I picked up in a noodle bar last weekend!


Steve Castledine  March 7 2006 07:49:35 AM GMT -6
Since I broke my last laptop I have not put skype onto the replacement. I have finally got around to doing this today - my id is projectdxguy (the same as my AIM & Yahoo Instant Messaging) for th

Microsoft Sharepoint Server

Steve Castledine  March 6 2006 10:55:00 AM GMT -6
I have a customer that Sharepoint is being touted to instead of Domino for some content management functionality.Anyone have any quick competitive points I can use against it in case I get asked befor

Microsoft to Lotus Notes Migration FUD Producer 2006

Steve Castledine  March 3 2006 10:04:50 AM GMT -6
To counter the Microsoft Application Analyzer 2006 for Lotus Domino, I have written a tool myself but for the other way around (Microsoft to Lotus). It doesn't look as good, but it doesn't involve any

Pointless Websites Annoying

Steve Castledine  March 1 2006 04:24:41 PM GMT -6
Well I am second in Google for Pointless Websites Annoying - made me laugh!

Microsoft Application Analyzer 2006 for Lotus Domino

Steve Castledine  March 1 2006 02:32:27 PM GMT -6
Well its out - I was going to try it out for a laugh. However it required a 100mb download to get hold of .net 1.1 (which I did) but it also only works on v5 and 6 of Notes - so stumped there. I will