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Steve Castledine

February 2009

    openNTF has been idea jammed

    Steve Castledine  February 27 2009 11:41:54 AM GMT -6
    We are starting to get some momentum now with openNTF. Not just the legal things internally, but the pipeline of delivering content, completing actions and getting towards a great collaborative, commu

    XPages Demonstration/Test/Education application now on openNTF

    Steve Castledine  February 27 2009 11:03:25 AM GMT -6
    A new project has been added to openNTF (by Paul in the Dublin Labs). A very useful demonstration database that shows pretty much all the controls, @formulas etc in action. It makes a great demonstr

    A development challenge for java/pim views in your templates

    Steve Castledine  February 18 2009 06:09:11 AM GMT -6
    So you can see from my last two blog posts that I have published the details required to take your own Lotus Notes templates and give them a make-over so they get the benefit of the work done to impro

    Part two of using java views in your templates

    Steve Castledine  February 18 2009 05:49:45 AM GMT -6
    Part two has now been published on developerWorks on using "java/pim views" (still do not know a better description) within your Lotus Notes templates. Part one really was the "must do" bits to succe

    Part one of how to use Lotus Notes mail style java views in your template applications

    Steve Castledine  February 10 2009 12:35:52 PM GMT -6
    I'm published (along with my excellent colleague Margo)! So part one of how to use Lotus Notes mail style java views in your template applications is available on developerWorks here. Part two is o

    Millies first snowball

    Steve Castledine  February 6 2009 05:58:31 AM GMT -6
    Yesterday we took Millie out in the snow, as she might be 13 by the time we get the next lot!

    Lotus Notes Form/View Design Catalog

    Steve Castledine  February 3 2009 03:54:19 AM GMT -6
    Something I was thinking could be useful for, is an ntf/nsf which contained a whole bunch of different form/view/outline design combinations. Sometimes when you are starting a new templat

      Proper Weather

      Steve Castledine  February 2 2009 06:05:28 AM GMT -6
      It actually snowed today, but as usual it is just a light amount. I think elsewhere they had a lot more. It did make the walk to drop Millie off more interesting though. Can you believe this amount b

      Back to real football

      Steve Castledine  February 2 2009 05:54:28 AM GMT -6
      I tried to stay awake last night for the Superbowl, but as with most years I failed. I lasted until half time and that Bruce fella sent me fast drifting. It was a shame as it was the best game I had s