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Steve Castledine

December 2005

Happy Christmas

Steve Castledine  December 24 2005 05:51:08 PM GMT -6
Happy Christmas to all!

What do you need Google for?

Steve Castledine  December 2 2005 05:37:00 AM GMT -6
Whilst on site this week doing some development work, came up as a blocked internet site (a big red no access screen - was a temporary glitch in the proxy software).I mentioned this and a q

Lotusscript Send Mail Function

Steve Castledine  December 1 2005 08:41:38 AM GMT -6
I get asked this a lot - sending emails from lotusscript so the sender address etc is exactly what you want. Heres the function I use: Sub sendMail(recipient As String,sender As String,subject