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Steve Castledine

October 2008

    Powerful advertising

    Steve Castledine  October 31 2008 04:07:08 AM GMT -6
    When I went to Google this morning (.com not their office), I see they are advertising the "G1 phone" on the home page. Considering how many times a day (and how many countries) Google is hit, that's

    Switching on anti spam in Dominoblog

    Steve Castledine  October 9 2008 04:40:49 AM GMT -6
    I've mentioned this a few times, but it can't be mentioned too many times due to its importance for web facing blog's. The Domino Blog template has a pretty effective anti spam mechanism to prevent r

      My office/desk meme

      Steve Castledine  October 3 2008 04:23:25 AM GMT -6
      I don't think so. My wife would kill me and my manager would be on the phone in an instant. I am one messy pup. Paper here, paper there, four monitors, lots of kit lying around. You wouldn't want to

      Domino Blog Theme editing and Tag Library

      Steve Castledine  October 2 2008 08:06:36 AM GMT -6
      I have today published an article on editing the default theme within the blog template and general information about the html templates etc on the Domino Wiki site. You can access the document here.

      New season - better results!

      Steve Castledine  October 1 2008 05:14:17 AM GMT -6
      Finally after many seasons of loss after loss Leicester are winning games again. There's still a long way to go in the season, and a long way to restoring our place in the top division, but top of the