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XPage Control: Multi Select Dialog Picker

Steve Castledine  March 16 2010 06:18:43 AM GMT -6
I have just released an XPages Multi Select Dialog Picker control on OpenNTF. The multi-select dialog picker allows you to specify a Lotus Notes View/column based data source, or via an api any list

Just a teaser of some new XPages samples

Steve Castledine  February 25 2010 05:07:45 AM GMT -6
There's some XPages code that I have been trying to finish so I can upload to OpenNTF - so here's just a teaser (as I think there will be some good reusable parts):

XPages: Validating Radio Groups Client Side

Steve Castledine  February 17 2010 03:45:48 AM GMT -6
This has come up twice recently so thought I would share a few tips. Server side validation of radio groups and also check box groups on a basic level is very simple. You navigate to the component pr

XPages: Hide Detail Rows

Steve Castledine  February 16 2010 08:41:42 AM GMT -6
Very quiet around here as very busy (some very cool stuff) and still catching up on "I will document that for you" from Lotusphere. So here's one off that list "Hide Detail Rows". So in Notes develop

XPages Discussion Template - new build available on OpenNTF

Steve Castledine  January 13 2010 10:31:41 AM GMT -6
I have uploaded a new build of the XPages Discussion forum to OpenNTF. You can download from here. This update enhances the existing XPage interface allowing more topics to be visible within the view

XPages Wiki build 0.06 available

Steve Castledine  December 23 2009 12:13:54 PM GMT -6
Went through the reported bugs and fixed as many as possible and so a new build is available here. Template is Domino XPages 8.5.1 only at this point. Will upload another update soon.

Simple XPages Theme Tip

Steve Castledine  December 18 2009 05:56:34 AM GMT -6
There was a question "how do I allocate a particular theme to a particular XPage?", this is because in general the theme set is for the entire nsf and changing it for one XPage means changing it for a

XPages - common "upgrade my existing application" questions

Steve Castledine  December 7 2009 04:45:53 AM GMT -6
A bit of a call for help, but at the same time an offer of help. One of my Lotusphere sessions, with Stephan Wissel, will be about upgrading "existing" applications to using XPages, and also showing

XPages - multiple data sources different read/edit modes

Steve Castledine  November 17 2009 04:08:45 AM GMT -6
Slow rate of posting right now, hopefully will pick it up over the coming months as I do have a list of topics waiting to be blogged about. So a quick one which personally I had been stuck on for a

Some titbits for when developing XPages for the client

Steve Castledine  October 29 2009 11:33:34 AM GMT -6
I need to create a wiki page for this really to note down everything as I find it when developing XPages for web and client. To start, one of the things I often need to handle is I do not always use

Providing illustration for your XPage custom controls (Design Definition)

Steve Castledine  October 16 2009 04:09:34 AM GMT -6
Something added to Lotus Domino Designer (DD) in 8.5.1 was the ability to better illustrate our custom controls when laid out within an XPage (within Designer itself). For example in 8.5 a tag cloud

XPages Repeat Control enhancement for 8.5.1

Steve Castledine  October 14 2009 04:50:00 AM GMT -6
Repeat controls are probably one of the top tools in an XPage developers box. By their very nature we, the developer, decide how they are used and the html that is sent to the browser. So typically

XPages, Rich Text, Filtering, Custom Converters all in one post

Steve Castledine  October 1 2009 05:00:00 AM GMT -6
Almost forgotten how to blog such is the lack of time I give this activity right now. Blame it on the kids (oh and work and twitter). Anyway on the subject of XPages, Rich Text and filtering I thoug

Using html characters in XPages

Steve Castledine  August 18 2009 04:45:44 AM GMT -6
Just a quick tip for using html characters in your XPages. Because XPages are essentially xml, you cannot add, for example, " " for a space etc directly into the source. You need to use ins

XPages Wiki update and request for help

Steve Castledine  July 29 2009 08:28:12 AM GMT -6
So been getting hit on the head (in a nice way) with regards an update of the XPages wiki on OpenNTF. Well I have been working on it, but I have been slowed by work schedule, testing it on 8.51 and

XPages Memory Usage and Performance Tips - 8.5

Steve Castledine  July 9 2009 04:00:00 AM GMT -6
This maybe a two part post, but just before I went on holiday we did some analysis/work on a few XPage apps to improve performance and memory consumption. So heres a few tips that will help your appli

XPage Login Control for basic and session authentication plus detection code

Steve Castledine  April 23 2009 03:52:50 AM GMT -6
Yesterday I uploaded a new XPage Login custom control to the openntf catalog. Wow you must think, this is going to change my life ;) In all seriousness it occurred to me that there is not a set of l

Xpages Wiki Iteration 4 available

Steve Castledine  April 21 2009 05:27:25 AM GMT -6
I have posted an updated XPages wiki template on here. This is a minor release aimed at bug fixing, performance improvements and general tidy up to create a good platform to move forward

Usage log for XPages wiki

Steve Castledine  April 7 2009 10:46:54 AM GMT -6
In order to monitor usage so we can make decisions on where to spend resource on openntf, I have setup a usage log on openntf for the XPages wiki. There is no need to give company and/or your name (

XPages Wiki Iteration 3 available

Steve Castledine  April 2 2009 01:15:19 PM GMT -6
I have uploaded iteration 3 of the XPages wiki to openntf. The main change being the wiki markup engine based on the Creole standard has been implemented. There is also a documentation, demo, sandbox

XPage Wiki - Iteration 2 available

Steve Castledine  March 12 2009 10:22:32 AM GMT -6
I have uploaded iteration 2 of the XPages wiki on openNTF. Release information is in the help document within the zip file. There are only bug fixes from the first release and the addition of comment

XPages - Getting the count from a repeat control outside of the repeat control

Steve Castledine  March 11 2009 05:58:10 AM GMT -6
A common pattern of design in a domino application and really any web application is to have a list of data, say comments, and have a "counter" display how many are in the list. So in the image below

Using standard java packages in your XPage code

Steve Castledine  March 6 2009 06:53:07 AM GMT -6
One thing that makes XPages very powerful is the fact that you can use standard java packages/classes directly in your XPage "javascript". Take for example something I needed to do recently to the to

XPages Demonstration/Test/Education application now on openNTF

Steve Castledine  February 27 2009 11:03:25 AM GMT -6
A new project has been added to openNTF (by Paul in the Dublin Labs). A very useful demonstration database that shows pretty much all the controls, @formulas etc in action. It makes a great demonstr

XPages - webQuerySave equivalent or using Lotusscript to process data

Steve Castledine  November 7 2008 03:28:52 AM GMT -6
I'm planning some "how to" XPages posts for "Domino Developers", in the meantime here's something for this week's "tip" theme. You may currently have a lot of logic sitting in Lotusscript agents o