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Using formula to open a designated users Calendar, To Do or Contacts - undocumented feature

Steve Castledine  November 3 2008 04:01:57 AM GMT -6
Starting this week with a very simple tip. Hoping to do at least one a day this week with at least one lengthy one for xpages by Friday. Anyway, there is a documented formula @Command( [OpenCale

Knowing which folder a document is in - @WhichFolders

Steve Castledine  September 8 2008 03:28:53 AM GMT -6
Sometimes people don't see the release notes (I'm not saying this is definitely in them), or new formula etc can be forgotten, but a nice new formula in 8.5 was @WhichFolders which can be used to dete

Lotus Notes Formula that is bugging me

Steve Castledine  May 20 2008 11:07:04 AM GMT -6
Sometimes its the simple things that can be the hardest to fix. I have a dialog list. The dialog list gets its data from a view using the formula: xlist := @DbColumn("":"NoCache";"":"";"vSysCat";1