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The talented Mr Castledine

Steve Castledine  August 7 2007 03:46:59 AM GMT -6
Er no not me - I would be embarrassed at being that big headed! I'm pretty much a code monkey and someone who thinks a lot about software solutions and how they would work for a customer/consumer. On

Getting onto google in hours

Steve Castledine  August 3 2007 06:01:18 AM GMT -6
Years ago it took weeks to get an update on google, perhaps even longer to get a new site onto that or any search engine. I remember companies offering services to "submit" your site for you (how diff

The sack if you do not blog?

Steve Castledine  April 3 2007 05:11:25 AM GMT -6
From the register: We've all heard about employees being sacked for blogging. But as the fad begins to wane, will staff soon be sacked for failing to blog?

CSS Tab Designer

Steve Castledine  November 24 2006 11:36:31 AM GMT -6
This is great (actually its class) - a CSS Tab designer. You fire up the client, select a style, do some editing/configuration - and the code is all done for you. No excuses now for naf tabs on your

Slideshare - YouTube for Powerpoint

Steve Castledine  October 4 2006 10:32:46 AM GMT -6
Firstly you would think Powerpoint - who would. But anyway Slideshare allows you to upload, tag etc your presentation files whether they are Powerpoint or OpenOffice. The concept is the same as YouTub

Duran Duran to give virtual gigs in Second Life

Steve Castledine  August 7 2006 03:38:57 PM GMT -6
This is how far Second Life is going right now. Duran Duran are to create an Island within Second Life and start performing gigs there. Mind boggling.

Anyone got a Second Life?

Steve Castledine  August 4 2006 06:03:30 AM GMT -6
About 4 months ago I downloaded Second Life and started to dabble. Second Life is a 3D online world (apparently inhabited by more than 370,000 people) where you could if you so wished live a "Second

IBM Contributes Ajax Software Development Technology to Open Source Community

Steve Castledine  June 6 2006 03:27:38 AM GMT -6
Wow - IBM have contributed to the Dojo Javascript Toolkit: IBM today announced plans to contribute key intellectual assets to the open source community, in an effort to help companies and software d


Steve Castledine  June 1 2006 06:23:00 AM GMT -6
What the ? Something I came across the other day is the concept of "Microformats": Microformats make it easy for you or anyone to share and reuse data in your webpages and content elsewhere -- for

O’Reilly attempts to Trademark "Web2.0"

Steve Castledine  May 26 2006 06:37:58 AM GMT -6
When terms become almost generic I never understood why firms are allowed to trademark them for financial gain. It was bad enough for me when Microsoft started with "What are you going to do today" -

Spammers are going all weird on us

Steve Castledine  May 9 2006 04:21:00 AM GMT -6
I've mentioned this a few times in the past - but comment spammers are really going to massive lengths to get comments on peoples sites to up their google rankings etc. They are employing people to m

Comment Spam

Steve Castledine  April 3 2006 06:56:21 AM GMT -6
I've noticed recently some really weird comment spam going around the blogosphere. Spam that seems to be inputed manually as some sites have really strong protection techniques like dominoblog and oth

Why would Technorati..

Steve Castledine  February 28 2006 09:24:31 AM GMT -6
Why would Technorati read my site, note the tags and then try and parse the content html for each item (from the entire homepage) rather than lookup the RSS and get the confirmed content for each item


Steve Castledine  February 21 2006 04:15:39 AM GMT -6
I came across a great web based WYSIWYG form builder at (via Damien Katz). This is something achievable via a Lotus Notes/Domino architecture that would be of great value to a lot of peo

What do you need Google for?

Steve Castledine  December 2 2005 05:37:00 AM GMT -6
Whilst on site this week doing some development work, came up as a blocked internet site (a big red no access screen - was a temporary glitch in the proxy software).I mentioned this and a q

Manual spam

Steve Castledine  November 29 2005 04:02:22 AM GMT -6
I've noticed recently some comment spam has been entered manually on this site. So I have introduced further anti spam detection - so we shall see how that holds up!


Steve Castledine  October 28 2005 05:09:22 AM GMT -6
I finally got a trackback this week - albeit a manual one. I have lots of others, but all spam, luckily blocked. I'm not sure about this technology. Its way too messy, and not that universal.

coComment does not currently support IE

Steve Castledine  August 6 2007 02:23:50 AM GMT -6
"coComment does not currently support IE - however, we will be supporting IE by the end of August." a comment posted by a CoComment Employee. Sorry thats an absolute joke. Call me old fashioned, and

CoComment causing problems - again

Steve Castledine  August 5 2007 05:14:11 AM GMT -6
I had a few requests to automatically include coComment in the blog template, even before it was an IBM solution. The biggest reason I didn't is these "solutions" come and go. What is today's hot th

Whats a wiki?

Steve Castledine  August 2 2007 01:47:15 PM GMT -6
Some of us know what a wiki is, don't we? I was thinking, what actually defines a wiki? What are the minimal feature's we could say "is a wiki"? Is it enough to say "The ability for online users (

Kayuda Web based visual wiki come mind-mapping tool

Steve Castledine  March 22 2007 10:00:20 AM GMT -6
Built with Dojo Kayuda is: A web-based visual wiki, a mind-mapping tool, and a non-linear writing tool that allows you to track ideas and the relationships between them. It's free, and any number of

Insert RSS feeds into your content via Yahoo Pipes and Badger

Steve Castledine  February 27 2007 03:01:38 AM GMT -6
I came across a useful web utility that uses Yahoo Pipes called "Badger". This has been written by Kent Brewster. This enables you to embed an RSS feed into any web page. The utility gives you some o

Blog Power

Steve Castledine  February 7 2007 05:23:30 AM GMT -6
I've seen two examples of the power of blog's today. Firstly yesterday's post on the SNAP preview bought about not just comment on my thoughts by readers but also comment from the organisation themse

SNAP Preview

Steve Castledine  February 6 2007 05:52:34 AM GMT -6
I bet you thought I was writing a piece on implementing SNAP preview within the blog template! Well actually it is not. I'm unsure about this technology. I'm actually wondering what its purpose is a

Ross Mayfield and Robert Scoble talk Wiki’s/Blogs

Steve Castledine  December 6 2006 05:01:08 AM GMT -6
I love listening to these two guys, here they talk for over an hour on wiki's and blogs. They talk a lot of sense (well Ross Mayfield does the majority of the talking - anyone think he looks like Chr

DominoWiki 1.1

Steve Castledine  November 2 2006 05:25:44 AM GMT -6
Ben Poole has released DominoWiki 1.1 over at OpenNTF - I have just downloaded and will be playing later. Its interesting how many innovative solutions have come out of the UK and Ireland (thanks De

Integrating YAHOO.ext.BorderLayout with Domino - Tim Tripcony

Steve Castledine  November 1 2006 02:37:58 PM GMT -6
This is sweet:

Google takes over JotSpot

Steve Castledine  October 31 2006 11:42:11 AM GMT -6
All go on the Wiki front right now - Google has taken over JotSpot (from official Google blog) Lucky I have my test account - they are taking no new accounts right now. Wiki, Wiki, Wiki - I have lot


Steve Castledine  October 30 2006 03:08:27 PM GMT -6
Ross Mayfield reports that Socialtext (Enterprise Wiki software for those who have not come across it) has released SocialPoint which is Socialtext running on Microsoft Sharepoint. I think this is h