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Excellent Java and Eclipse beginners guide

Steve Castledine  February 8 2008 09:10:31 AM GMT -6
I got this link for an excellent Java with Eclipse beginners guide (online video) passed to me by a colleague - I thought it was excellent so I thought I would share: Slowly (very) getting my work

Two more blogs I have started reading

Steve Castledine  April 21 2006 08:15:00 AM GMT -6
I have added these 2 guys blogs to my blogroll. They are Notes/Domino and Java related and they seem to know some great stuff! Mikkel Heisterberg Ganapathiram Natarajan

Today I am mostly...

Steve Castledine  June 22 2005 09:51:42 AM GMT -6
Today I am mostly pasting lotuscript into Java libraries and converting to Java - fun eh! Holidays tomorrow!

Unrestricted Agents and Java

Steve Castledine  June 22 2005 09:46:09 AM GMT -6
One frustration I have always had is unrestricted agents - java and especially internet communication. I do a lot of java agents which do internet communication - because of the internet communic


Steve Castledine  June 14 2005 09:00:00 AM GMT -6
via Ben Poole I came across MyEclipse IDE. Looks very interesting - a low cost java/j2ee etc IDE for eclipse that does the business. Will get hold of it and write more soon.