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Career Change

Steve Castledine  April 1 2008 03:59:39 AM GMT -6
After many years in the IT profession I have decided to take a "career break" and move into something different. My second love are motorbikes so from today I am the proud owner of my own Suzuki store - just 1 mile from my home

Welcome Millie Rose Castledine

Steve Castledine  February 26 2008 06:18:29 AM GMT -6
Millie was finally born Saturday night - 8 pounds. Labour was something like 29 hours and then poor mum had to have an operation in Theatre to "put her back together" for a few hours after that as wel

Week 22

Steve Castledine  October 5 2007 05:03:11 AM GMT -6
Week 22 and Sue is finally starting to show. So far she must have been the luckiest pregnant woman - ever. No symptoms, so no sickness - nothing. Just a very active baby that appears from its downward